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What is Offsetting and what does it imply?

Offsetting is the act of claiming the environmental benefit of greenhouse gas mitigation activities to offset unavoidable emissions elsewhere.

The environmental benefit of mitigation activities is represented in compensation certificates. Each certificate (CER) is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) avoided or removed from the atmosphere. Compensation is carried out by paying to a project, which cancels or avoids emissions, as many CERs as tons of CO2 emitted.

How do you get to be Carbon Neutral?

The entire production process of our shoes (from design to delivery of the order) is monitored to calculate the direct and indirect emissions generated. These CO2 emissions are harmful to our environment, our contribution so that this does not occur is not to leave a mark, to compensate. Depending on the carbon footprint determined for each product, AlphaSoles invests in credits equivalent to its negative emission.

Who grants offset Certificates?

The certification of credits is endorsed by the UN climate change office. It is a concept that may sound very abstract, it would be much simpler to tell you that for each garment, we plant a tree, however, it would be less effective. Carbon credits are an international depollution mechanism to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. In our case, the compensation made is directed to a wind farm located in Central America.

The AlphaSoles production chain is carried out in a responsible way. Are you being Responsable ?

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